8/4 2017

Daniel Munteanu


Jürgen Moltmann

Theologie der Hoffnung: die Hoffnung der Menschheit, die Hoffnung der Erde und das Fest ohne Ende

Gunther Wenz

Vom wahrhaft Unendlichen. Metaphysik und Theologie bei Wolfhart Pannenberg

Andrew Louth

Community and Person

Adrian Niculcea

Primacy or Sinodality? An Intr-Orthodox Argument following the Ravena Papers (2007)

Liviu Petcu

The Fathers of the Romanian Paterikon on Compassion and Serving the Sick

Sochanngam Shirik

Historical and Theological Development of Christian Mission among Various Traditions: Investigating the Inferface between Doctrines and Practices

Daniel Munteanu

Religious and Cultural Identity. Orthodox Contribution to a Postcolonial and Interreligious Ethics