9/1 2018

Daniel Munteanu


Gunther Wenz

Was ist Theologie? Drei Fallstudien zu ihrem Begriff und Verständnis aus dem Bereich des deutschen Protestantismus

Andrew Louth

Byzantine Attitudes to Islam

Daniel Munteanu

Freiheit und Auferstehung. Martin Luthers Freiheitsverständnis aus orthodoxer Perspektive

Nikolaos Xionis

Conditions for a Critique of the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification between Lutherans and Roman Catholics from the view of the Orthodox Theology

George Istodor

The Mission of the Church in relation to the ecclesial and national Identity. Some points of reference

Gavril Trifa

The Role of Prayer and good Deeds in the (Re)modeling of the Christian Family

Josiah Baker

Reassessing the Viability of Wesley as a Bridge in Orthodox-Pentecostal Dialogue


Reviews / Rezensionen

Mihai-Liviu Dinu

The making of the new martyrs of Russia. Soviet repression in Orthodox Memory (Karin Hyldal Christensen)